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Methods of Evaluation

Evaluation of the student will be based upon the following items:


Writing Assignments
term or other paper(s)
other (specify)
Students will be evaluated on a term paper relating to criminal justice and society for the following intellectual standards are demonstrated: Clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, logic, and fairness.
Problem Solving Demonstrations
other (specify)
Students will be evaluated on their ability to assess methods and policies for crime and delinquency pertaining to various situations.
Skill Demonstrations
other (specify)
Evaluation of student's ability to engage in interpretation, analysis, and critical thinking of major biopsychosocial and other criminological factors that influence criminal thinking and behavior through oral and/or written assignments.
multiple choice, true/false
matching items
other (specify)
Evaluation of student's mastery of course objectives on objective tests which compare social structure of law and society, history of law, forces affecting criminal behavior, roles of the criminal justice system in developing social policy and preventing crime.
other (specify)
Participation in class discussions and evaluations of site visits which demonstrates clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance,depth, breadth, logic, significance or fairness.